The law firm of Closson, Bass & Tomberlin is not a full-service firm that deals with every area of the law. We are highly effective at what we do because we specialize in representing clients in only a few key areas of the law. We concentrate all our energy on helping injured workers, people dealing with disabilities and those accused a all kinds of crimes. We do not represent employers, insurance companies or government agencies.

Our firm’s experienced lawyers are tough, confident and unafraid of the opposition. We have built a strong reputation for great client service and successful outcomes in Georgia Workers’ Comp, Social Security Disability and Criminal Defense matters because of our dedication to the success of our clients.

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You Need a Coach Who Knows the Game

Workers’ comp and Social Security Disability are like games in many ways: There are rules, there is an opponent, there are strategies for winning and there are pitfalls that can cause a team to lose. Sometimes the process can seem lengthy and there are always a number of deadlines needing to be met. The stronger the competition, the more experience and skill are needed to win. Behind every successful team is a coach who knows the game.

At Closson, Bass & Tomberlin, our attorney’s know the rules and how to win your workers’ comp, disability and criminal defense case. Moreover, we know the competition — insurance companies, employers, government agencies and prosecutors, among others — and the competition knows us because we fight for our clients in these matters every day through aggressive representation that puts our client’s needs and goals as our top priority.

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