I was represented by this firm they are awesome and very detailed lawyers they fought for me like they was my mother.

– Darius C., ★★★★★ Google Review

This was the best call I ever made when I needed help with a legal matter.

I had two separate unrelated cases. I haven't been in trouble in a very long time, so to say I was at my wits end is an understatement.

Heather answered my first call and she was very attentive and understanding about my situation. She calmed me down and told me not to worry. Going by some of my past experiences with attorneys, that didn't help "very" much at the time. But as more time went by, and after I got a call from Luke Closson, I started to see that this law firm was much different than the others.

They paid attention to every detail, left nothing out and discussed what we needed to do for the best possible outcome. And they delivered.

They got one case dismissed entirely. The second case they managed to get reduced to a very minor misdemeanor.

I'm very happy with the results, and as I said in the beginning, this was the best call I ever made when I needed legal help.

Call them now! Don't shop around!

– Tony G., ★★★★★ Google Review

Great lawyers. They represented my boyfriend on some serious criminal charges and he was looking at 10yrs mandatory prison time and got charges dropped to lesser offense and received 10 years probation instead. Definitely recommend them!!!

– Diann M., ★★★★★ Google Review

Lucy Tomberlin will be the FIRST and only call I make if I ever need an attorney again. I have never had an attorney stay in contact so well and keep me up to date with information. They are thorough and treat you like they work for you... not the other way around. I highly recommend them. For me it was not about winning the case as much as knowing they actually WORKED for me. Winning doesn't hurt either and with them you will win. They won't take a case they don't believe in which shows me integrity. They go in with right on their side and take care of their clients.

– Mark R., ★★★★★ Google Review

There has never been a place that I’ve walked into that from the moment that I stepped in it felt like home, until the day that I walked into this location. From the greeting to speaking with Heather who is absolutely amazing and went above and beyond from getting every single thing calling me even after everything was done just to check up on me. The level of professionalism was something that I never expected from a lawyer’s office.

Mr. Bass and his team in court no doubt we’re certainly on their game They came in ready to go round for round and made me feel very at ease because I never even had to say a word. He made me feel protected he made me feel at ease and took all of my stress away! From the time I sought his counsel he and his firm literally called me to get information which showed me that they were serious about my case it didn’t matter how small that my case was because it was big deal to me they took me very serious and the end result showed that every penny I spent with them was worth it. There is no one else I would go to. There is no one else I would trust! I consider them friends because I was able to speak to them honesty in Council and they were very honest back with me. There is no other place that I would even consider and to grow up in a small town in Georgia were we all love the hometown feeling this is definitely the go to place.

– Lareisha W., ★★★★★ Google Review

Wow!! Bass and his right hand Heather are in it to win.They are the best of the best!! I can not praise them enough ♡

– Jo S., ★★★★★ Google Review

I had never had any legal issues before in my life and I was very frantic and depressed about what to do until I found this firm and got set up with Heather and Luke! They are so kind-hearted, honest & genuine, and they take care of EVERYTHING. I literally didn’t have to do much and they kept me informed, up to date and explained every detail for me. I really appreciate them getting my case solved in a good time frame and with no issues. Seriously, if you’re reading this talk to Heather she’ll get you started and you’ll be taken care of!

– Sallie G., ★★★★★ Google Review

They did an outstanding job and I would refer to my closest friends and family.

– Courtney D., ★★★★★ Google Review

I cannot compliment Mr. J. Michael Bass enough for his professionalism and the courtesies he extended my family, as he represented us. His years of experience, down-home manners, and genuine enthusiasm were of great comfort during a most difficult time. Additionally I would like to recognize Ms. Heather, who was always available and answered any queries.

I would recommend Mr. Bass to my family and friends.

– Rich M., ★★★★★ Google Review

Mr. Bass is the only attorney in Valdosta with empathy. He will listen to the details of your case unlike most defense lawyers in the area. Plus Heather and the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable with technology to complete paperwork online

– Matt K., ★★★★★ Google Review

I called upon Lucy Tomberlin to help me with my disability claim. Lucy and her assistant Mrs. Brenda helped me file my paperwork and helped to get all doctor records that were needed to send to social security office. I was overwhelmed with all that was involved in this process but these two ladies made me feel a little better about it all. They are doing everything they can to fight for me to win my claim. I would recommend this office to family and friends. Thank y'all so much for what you do.

– Lucy M., ★★★★★ Google Review

Excellent service.

– Susan G., ★★★★★ Google Review

In late 2019 I was ticketed in Lowndes County by an overzealous law enforcement officer. I went to court, and the clerk recognized the unfairness of the decision and reduced the charge, stating there would be no points on my record nor effect my insurance. I was not aware the clerk had made an error until I received my insurance renewal with a hefty premium increase due to 3 points on my driving record. I contacted CBT, explained the matter to Luke Closson,III and his associate Heather, and within a short time Luke Closson had resolved the issues. My MVR is back to spotless. Do not appear in court without an attorney, and if at all possible, make sure Luke Closson III is by your side.

– John J., ★★★★★ Google Review

We were very pleased with the representation we received on our case. We found Mr. Bass and his associates to be very helpful and responsive. I would recommend his services to others.

– Robert M., ★★★★★ Google Review

I love Ms. Tomberlin who is my attorney. She has been most helpful.

– Kim G., ★★★★★ Google Review

I could not ask for better representation from Mike Bass for my case. Heather is fabulous and was always on top of things and kept me very informed along the way. They were always very professional and explained things so that I could understand them.

– Susan H., ★★★★★ Google Review

Mr. Bass, Ms. Heather and the entire staff are excellent. They are extremely kind and professional. Mr. Bass explained everything to me about my case and made sure I understood everything and answered all my questions. I definitely recommend them for any legal issue!! Thanks so much for everything!!

– Calvina P., ★★★★★ Google Review

I recently had the privilege of working with Mike Bass on a case. I found him to be easy to communicate with, willing to listen, and above all, extremely competent and straight forward with my situation. Mike is a great guy and a fantastic attorney. If in need of legal service, I recommend him fully.

– Joe, ★★★★★ Google Review

Mike Bass was an absolute God send to my case. I was at an all-time low going through my worker's comp case and was not satisfied with my first attorney. I didn't feel she was handling my case well. So one night I did a google search for worker's comp attorneys and Mike's name and reviews popped up. And that's when the magic began. I ended up switching from my first attorney to him and it was the BEST decision I made during my worker's comp case. During my consult he was very informative and truly listened and cared about what I had to say. I absolutely appreciate everything he and his assistant Heather did on my behalf for my case. All I can say is, "THANK YOU!"

– K.W., ★★★★★ Google Review

Attorney Mike Bass help me with my workman comp case. He got me a Doctor not with workman comp.

I was put on light duty at work. We all know employer will try to get you to do other work. He call my job.

He always made sure I was taken care of.

I thank Attorney Mike Bass for everything he has done for me. He is the Attorney everyone should call.

I promise you , you won't go wrong. He is the Best.

– Vickie G., ★★★★★ Google Review

I live out of state but needed an attorney in a Georgia misdemeanor arrest of a family member. I retained Mike Bass based on a recommendation and one phone consultation with him. Although we didn't meet face to face until the actual court date, Mike and his staff did an excellent job of staying in communication with us throughout the five month process and explaining everything thoroughly. We were always able to reach Mike directly by cell phone, text, or email; or if he was in court or with clients, his staff took our calls promptly and courteously and always got us in touch with him and helped us to feel reassured. The outcome of the case was good, and Mike did an excellent job of preparing us for what to expect. I would not hesitate to recommend Closson Bass & Tomberlin or to use them again should the need arise.

– Deni R., ★★★★★ Google Review

I highly recommend Michael Bass! I live out of state and had a felony case that he worked on for me, which he got the charge reduced and an amazing outcome of the case! He was the only lawyer to give me advise and actually talk about my case with me before I even officially hired and payed him! Thanks

– Chase S., ★★★★★ Google Review

I am truly thankful for this law firm. I found Mr. Bass approximately 15 years ago and he has exceeded my expectations in the service he has given to me. The staff here is wonderful as well. I highly recommend this firm for any legal problems you may have. A special thank you to Mr. Bass and Heather for always keeping me informed and for making such a stressful matter a little bit easier to bare. THANK YOU for all that you have done for me.

– Jon B., ★★★★★ Google Review

I obtained Lucy Tomberlin for my Social Security Disabilty claim after a year of trying to do it myself. The firm was highly recommended to me by a friend that had used their services. I have used other firms for various legal matters and found this one to be the best. There was no run around when I called, my calls were promptly returned by Brenda, the office manager and my questions were always answered. If there was any paperwork submitted to their office pertaining to my case, I was always sent a copy. From time to time I received letters just to let me know that they were still on the case but when working with Social Security there a time allowance for them to respond and not to worry one way or another.

When working with Lucy, she was very informative as what to expect and I always felt that she had my best interest in mind. She is very clear and to the point which is what I want in an attorney so there is no miscommunications.

I would recommend Closson, Bass & Tomberlin to anyone looking for legal counsel in their field of expertise.

– Kathleen D., ★★★★★ Google Review

Mike Bass has been my attorney on several occasions and all have ended in a positive manner. The most recent incident, allowed a family member to be sentenced with a much lessor charge. This person will only have a small blemish in their record compared to what the original charge was. Thanks so much to Mike for representing my family and allowing my family member to have a second chance.

– Susan F., ★★★★★ Google Review

Mike Bass, Heather and the entire staff have been awesome.

– Arnie F., ★★★★★ Google Review

We used Mike to represent a family member. We were completely satisfied with his service and the members of the firm. We would highly recommend Mike to anyone .

– Fredwina W., ★★★★★ Google Review

I highly recommend this law firm. The attorneys are real pros and a pleasure to work with.

– Bill C., ★★★★★ Google Review

I would like to thank Ms. Lucy and Ms. Brenda for helping me in dealing with Social Security. Without their hard work I doubt I would have gotten my disability or back pay. I strongly recommend this law firm if you encounter problems with Social Security. They kept me updated on all proceedings and are definitely well experienced in navigating the Social Security maze. I again thank them for what they did for me and I’m absolutely sure they will do the same for you.

– Lewis M., ★★★★★ Google Review

Lucy and Brenda are the BEST! They helped me in my disability case and put in so much work. I finally won my case and couldn’t be more pleased with all that they helped me with in doing so.

– Rebecca C., ★★★★★ Google Review

Did great job with my multiple felony case got me a plead to misdemeanor Great job Mr. Bass

– Shawn, ★★★★★ Google Review

Mr. Bass was kind, compassionate and professional. He was extremely responsive (no matter what time we had an inquiry). He was able to thoroughly explain and navigate every part of the process so that we felt comfortable with what was being done. Not only did he work to get us the most favorable outcome legally, he also took a personal interest in making sure that we were cared for throughout the process. I would highly recommend him!

– K.P., ★★★★★ Google Review

I sought advice about filing for disability. Brenda at the office was very helpful. She is friendly and easy to talk with.

– Deborah H., ★★★★★ Google Review

I love Lucy! Best lawyer in the area for Social Security and disability questions and problems.

– Wayne E., ★★★★★ Google Review

Mike Bass is a saving grace when you are facing difficult times. I cannot possibly put into words how much help he has given me and I will forever recommend him to anyone needing an attorney!

– Matthew R., ★★★★★ Google Review

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