Lareisha W.

There has never been a place that I’ve walked into that from the moment that I stepped in it felt like home, until the day that I walked into this location. From the greeting to speaking with Heather who is absolutely amazing and went above and beyond from getting every single thing calling me even after everything was done just to check up on me. The level of professionalism was something that I never expected from a lawyer’s office.

Mr. Bass and his team in court no doubt we’re certainly on their game They came in ready to go round for round and made me feel very at ease because I never even had to say a word. He made me feel protected he made me feel at ease and took all of my stress away! From the time I sought his counsel he and his firm literally called me to get information which showed me that they were serious about my case it didn’t matter how small that my case was because it was big deal to me they took me very serious and the end result showed that every penny I spent with them was worth it. There is no one else I would go to. There is no one else I would trust! I consider them friends because I was able to speak to them honesty in Council and they were very honest back with me. There is no other place that I would even consider and to grow up in a small town in Georgia were we all love the hometown feeling this is definitely the go to place.