Tony G.

This was the best call I ever made when I needed help with a legal matter.

I had two separate unrelated cases. I haven't been in trouble in a very long time, so to say I was at my wits end is an understatement.

Heather answered my first call and she was very attentive and understanding about my situation. She calmed me down and told me not to worry. Going by some of my past experiences with attorneys, that didn't help "very" much at the time. But as more time went by, and after I got a call from Luke Closson, I started to see that this law firm was much different than the others.

They paid attention to every detail, left nothing out and discussed what we needed to do for the best possible outcome. And they delivered.

They got one case dismissed entirely. The second case they managed to get reduced to a very minor misdemeanor.

I'm very happy with the results, and as I said in the beginning, this was the best call I ever made when I needed legal help.

Call them now! Don't shop around!